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The Education Program

The focus of the IBHF education program was classroom presentations. Auxiliary components were publications, postings on YouTube and laureate induction ceremonies

lectureThe primary program of classroom presentations focused on business school classrooms at Illinois colleges and universities. For more than two decades yearly presentations were made at Bradley University, Eastern Illinois University, Illinois State University,Northern Illinois University, Southern Illinois University, and Western Illinois University. Occasional presentations were also made at the University of Illinois, Harper College and Quincy College. The primary presentations took place in introductory marketing and management courses.

The most frequent presentations featured the biographies of two or more laureates in the context of the history of their industry during the time of their business leadership.The following slide illustrated lectures were repeatedly presented at the universities:

1. A History of Retailing

2. Personal Selling

3. Business Ethics

4. The Illinois Advertising Heritage

5. The Consumer Electronics Industry

6. The Fast Food Industry

The high school presentations usually took place in high school business or history classes. There a basic slide-illustrated live presentation was made by a visiting speaker trained by the IBHF. The title of the presentation was OWNING YOUR OWN BUSINESS. In Aurora and Quincy presentations of the business heritage program for that community was the featured topic.