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Research & Publication Program

The original research and publication program had the creation and dissemination of laureate “short stories” as its singular objective. University business majors were the primary intended audience with high school students a secondary audience and the business community a third audience.

lectureThe basic input sources for preparation of the “stories” were printed materials, internal company files, interviews with the candidates themselves, and interviews with persons who had worked with the candidates.

Preparation of the “stories” which would be distributed was assigned to one or more of the business school professors who served on the IBHF board. Multiple versions were encouraged since different authors would tell the story in different ways. Authors not directly affiliated with the IBHF were also welcomed. On one occasion, the publication of a the history of William Karnes’ career building Beatrice Foods, the IBHF assumed the role of advocating for a university press, the University of Illinois, to publish a laureate’s story.

Completed stories were made publicly available in various formats.